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THE HENNA PLANT is a woody shrub that grows in dry regions and deserts of western and southern Asia and the Middle East. The henna plant has a natural occurring dye that has been used for thousands of years to adorn the body and dye hair. Castle Art only imports pure 100% henna powders. Also our henna has no twigs or leaf pieces. Currently we Import henna mostly from India and Pakistan.

There are other uses for henna, but that is usually for religious occasions such as Eids, Diwali, Holi and weddings. For weddings in India, the henna is finely ground and made into a paste. Then the brides hands and feet are decorated, very intricately, with the henna paste about 3 days before the wedding. It is said that as long as the stain is there, the bride does not have to do any work until the stain is gone.

CASTLE ART carries the freshest henna powder. When the new crop of henna comes in the previous crop is sold at a discount for hair. So rest assured you will always get fresh henna. We also carry all the materials needed for making the best henna paste. Our Essential oils are top quality and we have excellent pattern books. We also carry Moonstone & Labradorite Silver jewelry, costume Jewelry, and MORE! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

CASTLE ART/ AMY WILDE has been importing henna since 1997. She is also vends at fairs, festivals and tattoo conventions throughout the year. Amy also facilitates Henna Body Art workshops at local libraries and universities and can be hired for special events, corporate/company picnics applying henna body art or temporary tattoos. Please contact Amy for rates and availability. Please email to see where Castle Art/Amy will be next.

Shipping: All orders placed on line usually ship within 2 -3 days depending on time of order. If you order on line and need the shipment right away please email and I will do my best to accommodate your shipping needs.

Amy Wilde is ICNHA (International certification Natural Henna Arts) certified.

ICNHA Certified Artist

Please check out our auctions on E-bay! Seller id is amy1969. Look for below-retail priced items, special promotions & close outs.

We also accept PayPal. If you wish to pay via PayPal please email with your order at with "PayPal Order" in the subject line and I will send you a pay pal invoice. Please to be sure to include your address & pay pal email address. Once the invoice is paid, the order will be shipped out.

NOTE: Although it is a very rare occurrence, the shopping cart server may sometimes be unavailable to answer your requests and will display an error message (we have no control over these situations). If you experience any difficulty ordering our products on-line, please Email Thank you very much!


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